Legal Assistance for Drafting Contracts and Negotiating Agreements

Contract Drafting & Negotiation (“Getting the Deal Done”)

Burrell Law, P.C. counsels clients to help them “get to yes.”

We stand on the basic principle that the best agreements never need to be litigated because all parties clearly understand their rights and obligations under the agreement.

Our commitment and due diligence help clients obtain a clear understanding of the contract.  Our demeanor during negotiations is firm yet friendly –i.e. “selling with sugar”- because our clients’ success often depends on ultimately getting the deal done.

Contract negotiation requires a precise analysis of the terms within the agreement as well as a deep understanding of the client’s ultimate goal – thus we get the “Big Picture”.  We firmly believe in the notion that we must pay attention to every detail when analyzing a contract.  We alert clients to any pitfalls that may be buried in dense legalize.

We have successfully prepared, reviewed, and negotiated favorable contract terms for the following types of contracts:

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