Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Burrell Law, P.C. offers legal assistance for drafting contracts and negotiating agreements.

We stand on the basic principle that the best agreements never need to be litigated because all parties clearly understand their rights and obligations under the agreement.

Getting the deal done

Our commitment and due diligence help clients obtain a clear understanding of the contract. Our selling with sugar demeanor during negotiations is firm yet friendly. Because our clients’ success often depends on ultimately getting the deal done.

Contract negotiation requires a precise analysis of the terms within the agreement, as well as a deep understanding of the client’s ultimate goal. Thus, we get the Big Picture

We firmly believe in the notion that we must pay attention to every detail when analyzing a contract. We alert clients to any pitfalls that may be buried in dense legalize. Furthermore, we have successfully prepared, reviewed, and negotiated favorable contract terms for the following types of contracts:

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements

Burrell Law, P.C. edits and drafts non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Drafting Do you need a non-disclosure agreement?

Are you a startup entrepreneur who is vetting tech talent & sales talent for new hires, or an established organization that is looking to retain independent contractors? Is your company preparing to engage a consultant for a material transaction that could be sunk if the “word got out”?

Then, you should retain counsel to adequately protect your valuable assets and property, especially intangible property like know-how, trade secrets, processes, and other intellectual property. The Burrell Law Firm can draft and negotiate terms, including but not limited to:

  • Definitions of covered material subject to confidentiality and non-disclosure;
  • Duration of the confidentiality protection;
  • Enforcement rights of the party seeking non-disclosure and confidential treatment; and
  • Severability of the non-disclosure agreement and other agreements between the parties.

Pricing of our services is dependent on the length and the complexity of the confidentiality agreement or NDA terms.

Review Have you received a confidentiality agreement?

You might have received a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement if you are

  1. A prospective new hire to a business or organization with a unique product or technology
  2. Expected to handle sensitive, confidential information that could have far-reaching ramifications if disclosed.

Hiring counsel in advance of signing can help you understand precisely what’s considered confidential information and subject to non-disclosure.

Pricing to review a confidentiality agreement on behalf of a prospective employee is typically subject to a flat-fee.

Web and Digital Development Contracts

Burrell Law, P.C. creates Master Service agreements for software developers and Statement of Work documents.

Terms of Service Privacy Policies

In order to market mobile apps and other software, many hosting platforms require app providers to display a link to the provider’s Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policies (PP). For app and software companies, Burrell Law, P.C. can quickly turn around the requisite:

  1. Terms of Service Agreements (ToS), also known as Terms of Use Agreements
  2. Privacy Policies

Because a SaaS company is not engaged in the same business as a social networking company, the respective terms of service and privacy policies should not be the same, even if there is some overlap in the respective businesses.

Sample Terms of Service obtained on a simple Google Search may leave the user exposed to liabilities that the drafter of the sample ToS didn’t anticipate. Mitigate your exposure by hiring competent legal counsel.

To inquire about fees related to crafting Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, please contact us.

Agreements Software Developer and Development

We provide clients detailed legal analysis of incoming software development agreements, especially those software agreements from international developers. Often, those software developer agreements lack provisions that adequately state:

  • ownership of the intellection property
  • acceptance of a development phase
  • remedies for delivering non-conforming product or code
  • clear defined terms and Statements of Work (SOW)

We will also craft original software development agreements, master service agreements, and any accompanying statements of work.

Please contact us for a quote regarding analyzing or drafting software development agreements.

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Burrell Law, P.C.'s commitment to improving the environment for future generations has led it to developing its Renewable Energy & Sustainability practice.

Renewable Energy Power Generation Advisory

We advise clients who have installed a renewable energy power generation facility on their property and assist drafting:

  • Renewable Energy Credits (REC) Transfer Agreements; and
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Our practice counsels residential and commercial clients. Feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Sustainability Practice Cleantech Industry

We advise clients to interpret the shifting landscape of Federal and State laws that may impact a client’s desire to maintain an eco-friendly enterprise.

Contact us when you need assistance with power purchase agreements or help navigate the renewable portfolio standards of your jurisdiction.