Start Up

Small Business and Startup Legal Services

Let us assist you build your dream company!

Part of our philosophy is that every large business was once a small business. With that idea in mind, we think the “exit strategy” is as important as a business’ foundation. Contact us so we can assist in the preparation and protection of your startup or small business venture.

Small Business, & Startup

As a New York City based law practice, Burrell Law, P.C. is sensitive to the needs of the entrepreneur. We counsel and assist entrepreneurs:

  • choose or modify the business entity’s structure (e.g., incorporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), Doing Business As (“d/b/a”) based on the entrepreneur’s vision of the business;
  • draft Operating Agreements
  • draft Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • develop business procedures and controls  tailored to the entrepreneur’s strengths to mitigate compliance issues.

Startup & Venture Capital

As many small businesses and startups grow, entrepreneurs may need to seek additional capital to fund or accelerate growth.  We leverage our attorney’s Wall Street experience when counseling entrepreneurial clients seeking to raise capital.  For those clients, we draft, analyze and negotiate:

  • Funding & Financing Documents (e.g., Term Sheets, Series Seed Documents, Convertible Notes, Series [A, B, …] Investor Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements)
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Private Placement Offering Memoranda
  • Investor Subscription Documents

Non-Profit & Charitable Organization

We can help you formalize an entity to help you raise awareness of issues dear to your heart. We can counsel you through the entire formation and registration process and help provide a governance plan so that your charitable organization can easily scale as you grow in size. Contact us so we can assist in the formation of your non-profit organization or charity.