Legal Fees

Legal Fees

Burrell Law, P.C. understands the quandary facing many startups and small businesses; how to obtain quality legal services at rates that don’t crush cash balances. As a result, the following legal fees schedule is shown for full transparency in advance (unlike other billing customs noted by a certain venture capitalist). This way, clients can effectively budget for the outstanding services they will receive.

For complex legal matters, Burrell Law, P.C. charges $750 per hour. Which means that clients are not billed for administrative time, such as time related to for filing documents, travel, supplies, and other miscellaneous charges that other firms pass on to clients.

A flat-fee rate is offered for other matters, such as drafting an operating agreement or drafting a confidentiality agreement (NDA), that can be performed with some degree of predictability.

Inquire about the firm’s acceptance of select cryptocurrencies in exchange for services!

A retainer covering up to ten hours of prospective legal work is required for legal matters subject to hourly billing.

per hour

Burrell Law, P.C. charges flat fee rates for the following services:

Flat Fee

Full-stack business formation legal services include:

  • Full advisory regarding the proper entity structure (S-Corporation, C-Corporation, LLC)
  • Preparation of
    • Formation documents and required filings for New York & Delaware and initial board of directors’ consents
    • Governance agreements, such as Bylaws, operating agreements, and conflict of interest policies
    • Founders’ agreements, intellectual property assignments, stock option agreements, executive compensation agreements, LLC profits interests agreements
    • Initial capital funding agreements, such as founders’ stock subscription and stock restriction agreements, membership subscription agreements, and other equity grants with the related cap table
  • Draft convertible note agreements, promissory note agreements, grid loan agreements, the respective term sheets, and other agreements related to accepting seed capital from friends & family and other “angel” investors

per case

Copyright Registration Filing (U.S. domestic)

Filing fees not included.


LLC Operating Agreement for 1-3 Members

Includes unlimited legal billable time for term negotiations with counter-party investors.


Trademark Filing (U.S. domestic)

Filing fees not included


Convertible Notes, Series Seed & Simple Agreement
for Future Equity (SAFE) Agreements

Includes unlimited legal billable time for term negotiations with counter-party investors.


Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement

Preparation and Advisory