Kauffman FastTrac: Free Resource for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

startup attorney | help setting up a small business | attorney for entrepreneursOften, aspiring entrepreneurs formulate a brilliant idea only to be paralyzed by the fear of failing to execute the idea.

The fear of failure is not uncommon, but it can be overcome by the confidence obtained through adequate preparation.  I’ve seen firsthand how the FastTrac New Ventures program, generously financed by the Kauffman Foundation, helps build the confidence so that you can bravely execute your exciting new idea.  Best of all…IT’S FREE!!!

Future entrepreneurs (1) learn how to implement their idea into a workable business plan, (2) learn ways to fund their idea, and (3) learn skills necessary to grow the business.  Since it’s free, the program demands participants to attend every class.  Aspiring entrepreneurs also receive training manuals and access to a digital repository of materials so that even those participants wholly unfamiliar with business plans, marketing plans, and financial statements can see how these critical start-up documents look. Furthermore, I witnessed a diverse spectrum of ages, races, religions, and cultures among the program’s participants, which added the added benefit of testing business ideas among various target markets.

To find a program near you, click here.

(Disclaimer: The Burrell Law Firm does not receive any compensation or other benefits from the Kauffman Foundation; this recommendation is a genuine suggestion for entrepreneurs struggling to take the next step from idea to execution.)