Master Service Agreements for Software Developers and Statement of work document creation

Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policies

In order to market mobile apps and other software, many hosting platforms require app providers to display a link to the provider’s Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policies (PP). For app and software companies, Burrell Law, P.C. can quickly turn around the requisite:

  • Terms of Service Agreements (ToS), also known as Terms of Use Agreements
  • Privacy Policies

Because a SaaS company is not engaged in the same business as a social networking company, the respective terms of service and privacy policies should not be the same, even if there is some overlap in the respective businesses.

Sample Terms of Service obtained on a simple Google Search may leave the user exposed to liabilities that the drafter of the sample ToS didn’t anticipate. Mitigate your exposure by hiring competent legal counsel.

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Software Developer | Software Development Agreements

We provide clients detailed legal analysis of incoming software development agreements, especially those software agreements from international developers.  Often, those software developer agreements lack provisions that adequately state:

  • ownership of the intellection property
  • acceptance of a development phase
  • remedies for delivering non-conforming product or code
  • clear defined terms and Statements of Work (SOW)

We will also craft original software development agreements, master service agreements, and any accompanying statements of work.

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