Editing and drafting non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements & NDA

Do you need a confidentiality agreement | non-disclosure agreement?

Maybe, if you are:

  • A startup entrepreneur who is vetting tech talent & sales talent for new hires
  • An established organization that is looking to retain independent contractors
  • A company preparing to engage a consultant for a material transaction that could be sunk if the “word got out”

You should retain counsel to adequately protect your valuable assets and property, especially intangible property like know-how, trade secrets, processes and other intellectual property.

The Burrell Law Firm can draft and negotiate terms including but not limited to:

  • Definitions of covered material subject to confidentiality and non-disclosure;
  • Duration of the confidentiality protection;
  • Enforcement rights of the party seeking non-disclosure and confidential treatment; and
  • Severability of the non-disclosure agreement and other agreements between the parties.

Pricing of our services is dependent on the length and the complexity of the confidentiality agreement|NDA terms.

Or maybe you have received a confidentiality agreement | non-disclosure agreement because you are:

  • A prospective new hire to a business or organization with a unique product or technology
  • Expected to handle sensitive confidential information that could have far-reaching ramifications if disclosed.

Hiring counsel in advance of signing can help you understand precisely what’s considered confidential information and subject to non-disclosure.

Pricing to review a confidentiality agreement on behalf of a prospective employee is typically subject to a flat-fee.