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Knowledgable, honest, effective

Mr. Burrell is the best in the business. He was highly knowledgeable & responsive to all my questions in a most timely fashion. Not only was he great at responding to the queries made during actual legal proceedings, but what was most impressive was his ability to anticipate what’s to come. I give him my highest recommendation.


Rock Star!

I hired Mr. James Burrell because of a judgment against me in New York. I thought that my attorney in Colorado had everything taken care of but when he passed away I found out differently. You see I let a shady credit card company come into my small business (Golden Eagle) and talk me into taking credit cards. After never receiving the equipment, trying numerous times to cancel the contract Golden Eagle still took a payment out of my checking account every month. Not only did they take their money out but they took more than the contract stated. So I closed the account. For years I never heard a word from them until the statue of limitation was almost up. They wanted another $1,000.00 and I refused to pay it. After some research on the internet I found Mr. Burrell. What a blessing he has been! After discussing my case with him he went right to work keeping me informed on everything step. Just a few days ago he let me know that everything was dismissed and I owed Golden Eagle not one dime. I can’t tell you how wonder this man has been to me. I hope I never have another problem in New York but if I do James Burrell II is who I will call. Thank You, Mr. Burrell your kindness will be forever engraved in my heart.


Hardworking and winning professional

I was completely impressed and satisfied with Mr. Burrell’s performance; he was thorough in his research and preparation, fearless and knowledgeable. He was supportive and available to answer all my queries. He covered all possible angles and has foresight to anticipate any realistic and logical counter action or opposition. Mr. Burrell was available to give me progress reports and updates as the matter evolved. I recommend Mr. Burrell to anyone who needs an attorney who will ‘go to bat for you’, and is 100% in your corner.


Best Lawyer To Have

Mr. Burrell is one of the best attorneys I know and I happen to be an attorney. He is extremely competent, has great instincts, does his homework, and is fearless, even when facing opposition represented by the “Giants” in the legal profession! He is patient and is careful to follow legal procedure.